Nanobrow Eyebrow accessories

All you need for eyebrow styling

  • Professional, handy, and durable
  • Elegant and innovative design
  • The ultimate comfort of use
  • Perfect effects in brow makeup and styling

Nanobrow Styling Brush

Nanobrow Tweezers


Nanobrow Styling Brush

Nanobrow Angled Brush — a slanted angled brush made with synthetic bristles. Works perfectly for applying brow creams, powders, and gels. It also effortlessly mimics natural brow hairs.

Nanobrow Spiral Brush — precision spoolie for brushing and sculpting brows and lashes. Perfect for applying brow gel, wax, or brow soap.

The innovative and hygienic case!

The retractable case is designed to protect the brush and spoolie from dust and bacteria. To put the brushes in or out, simply move the button. Both ends of the brush can be taken out of the case easily so you can clean them and maintain their spotless condition.

Nanobrow Tweezers

Elegant, handy, and precise Nanobrow Tweezers with an angled tip are great for brow shaping and other minor beauty treatments. Made from top-quality stainless steel. The satin coating ensures the tool is very comfortable to hold and never slips out of hand. It easily grabs even the tiniest hair. The ergonomic shape and precision tip ensure quick, easy, and accurate brow shaping.

Nanobrow – exceptional products
for brow makeup and care
I have had many different brow brushes but — hands down – the Nanobrow Styling Brush is the best one! I always use it with pleasure — it always delivers the desired precision.
Kasia, 44
I’m a makeup artist and love Nanobrow’s styling brushes for work. I eagerly recommend them to all my customers.
Joanne, 32
I have finally found top-quality tweezers. Others I have had have failed to grip and hold the hairs and weren’t convenient to use. This tool is different and very durable. I recommend it to everyone. Nanobrow Tweezers last for years!
Kamilla, 27
Nanobrow Tweezers aren't just a nice accessory — they ensure excellent quality. I recommend them for home use and for professionals who are seeking elegant tools for customers’ comfort.
Dominique, 39
The best make-up brushes! I’ve seen them in make-up artists’ tool kits and wanted to have them too. Perfection and precision.
Anna, 25
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How to use Nanobrow Tweezers?
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