Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit

A set of two brow powders with
a highlighter

Size: 4g / 0.141 fl oz

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Why you'll love Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit?

Contains everything you need for brow makeup
Natural-looking ombre effect
Satin highlighter and soft brow powders in exceptional shades
High quality, long-wear effects, and excellent pigmentation

Natural ombre
on your brows

Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit includes everything you need to sculpt, fill your brows, and bring out their beauty easily and precisely. The high quality, natural-looking and properly pigmented shades allow you to create a natural soft shading effect on your arches. The silky-smooth highlighter delivers a brow lift effect. This is your must-have brow shaping and shading kit!

Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit

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Always precise brow makup!

Do you like subtle and natural-looking brow makeup? Or maybe you are up for a bolder ombre effect? Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit lets you create either! The powders ensure nice and easy application, and a lovely matte finish. The powdery texture ensures you can fill in your brows effortlessly, camouflage sparse areas, and create a soft shading effect. The carefully-selected intense shades make your brow makeup a pleasure and deliver super-fast results! The kit comes with a double-sided applicator for easier application.

Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit — perfectly filled-in brows

Looking for brow powders? Nanobrow is a must-try! The kit is loved by casual shoppers and pro brow artists alike. Natural, exceptional shades, highly pigmented colors, and top quality guarantee wonderful effects, easy shading, and flawless brow looks. Create long-wear brow makeup quickly and effortlessly!

Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit

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Color: Select

Spectacular brow makeup
with Nanobrow palette

Whether you want to create the effect of natural-looking and subtly defined brows or you fancy a bolder look, you can achieve it all with Nanobrow Eyebrow Powder Kit! Your complete guide to using brow powders. It's so easy:

1. Dab a small amount of the powder in your chosen shade onto a brush.

2. Define your lower brow line and then fill in the entire brow.

3. Use the lighter shade on the inner edge and apply darker shade on the tail to create the ombre shading effect.

4. Use the satin highlighter and apply it just below the brow bone for a brow lift effect.

Done! Now enjoy your beautiful brow makeup!

Nanobrow — foolproof brow makeup products

Brow powder kit is not the only product in Nanobrow's range! Switch them up to style and add color to your brows just the way you like. What brow look do you fancy today?

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Always perfect eyebrows
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